The side dish container collection for Eclipse/Che7.

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PizzaFactory/Contorno provides resources for Eclipse/Che7. like:

Parent project

This project is a sub project of PizzaFactory.

How to Contribute.

Please send pull request to each repositories if you want patch them. We requires “Eclipse Contributor Agreement” to all patch authors. The rule is same as Eclipse/Che’s one.

Your sponsorship by your credit card is also welcome. You will find out the button for GitHub Sponsor on the top of repository pages. The project lead’s donation page is


What’s Contorno ?

contorno means side dish in Italian. The main dish is Eclipse/Che7.

Can you add new support for my favorite smart contract ?

Sometimes we rises crowdfunding event.

Please ask us for more details if you want to rise similar event for your favorite blockchain.

Are there Che7 hosting services on the Net ?

AFAIK, there is two hosting services avaiable.

Can I get technical supports ?

Please visit Our gitter room if your request have no confidential information. In otherwise cases, please contact us.